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A young boys dream becomes real.

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A young boys dream becomes real.I had always dreamed about sucking cock. Ever since I was young. I couldn?t help it, I was drawn to images of a man?s penis. I always found cock to be beautiful, sensual and exciting. Although I was extremely attracted to girls, when it was time for me to climax when I was masturbating, my thoughts usually drifted to dick, sucking and licking, dick. I was very young when my first time happened. I had not even been with a girl yet. I would like to say that I was seduced into my first ?Gay? experience, but to be honest, I think I wanted it as much as he did. Maybe even I wanted it more.He lived down the street from my house, where I lived with my parents. I won?t use his name, but he was much, much older than me. From the start, I seemed to be drawn to him. I liked that such a cool, older guy wanted to hang out with me. It was all very innocent at first, but before to long, maybe a few weeks, he had my pants down and was caressing my young, toned body. He would run his hands over my firm little hairless ass and commment on how beautiful I was. He would ask if it felt good and of course it did. When he began to pull on my young cock, I melted. I could actually feel my eyes roll back into my head and my legs get weak. bornova escort It felt incredible. I was completely light headed and putty in his big, older hands. When he asked if I wanted to see his cock, I sheepishly said, ?OK? and looked at the floor, even though I was actually dying to see it. When he slid down his pants, I watched with anticipation. My heart raced with each inch his pants slid down. When his pants hit the floor and his naked cock was right there before me, I stared. I marveled at its size, the beauty of it, and of all the hair, above it and around it. His cock, as it hung over his balls, was the sexiest thing I had ever seenWhen stepped towards me, I watched as his manhood swung alittle, from side to side. So manly, so sexy and beautiful. I felt his hand gently guide my face towards it. I could smell his manly scent, I could feel the heat coming from his skin. When he pushed my young face into his cock and I felt it against my cheek and on my lips. When I felt the soft but firm texture of his penis?s flesh, the firmness of his balls. It was like a switch was flipped. I hungrily licked and lapped at his cock, feeling it harden as I did so. I licked at his hanging ball sack feeling the firmness of escort bornova his most delicate parts. I put each one in my mouth and lightly sucked them. I didn?t know what exactly to do, but I knew what I wanted. I rubbed my face into his privates and he pulled away alittle. I thing I may have been too enthusiastic. He said, ?here? and held his hard cock at the base, then put his hand gently back on the back of my head, guiding it towards him once more. I stared at his erection, wanting to memorize every inch, every vein and curve. I licked at his tip, I tasted a sweet, sticky fluid and licked at it more, hoping for more. He guided my head further towards him and I opened my mouth and tried to take his cock in. It was so thick, my young mouth couldn?t fit even though I strained to try. He began moving his hips, making the head of his engorged cock move in and out of my lips. I moaned for him and he loved it. I loved it! I loved his cock gently fucking my eager mouth. I ran my hands up and down his thighs. I didn?t know exactly how to please him, how to bring him to orgasm but I wanted to try. When my hands found his hairy ass, he enhaled sharply. ?Oh, he likes that!? I thought and began to squeeze and caress his cheeks. bornova escort bayan When I felt his hand on mine, guiding it into his crack, instinct took over and I pressed a finger into him. ?Oh, yeah? escaped his lips. I was happy to please him and dipped my finger in and out of his asshole. For a brief second the thought of what this most like like if someone walked in raced through my mind. I didn?t care, I continued to suck and moan on his cocks head and finger fuck his hairy ass. His breathing quicken and he said, ?yes, don?t stop? I wanted to make him happy and did as he wanted. I wanted nothing more than his big dick in my mouth anyways. I was surprised when the first wave of semen flooded into my mouth. It was warm and thick and tasted oddly to me. I pulled away from him. ?Fuck!? He yelled and began jerking himself furiously. The next two shots of cum struck me in the face and chin, splattering all over as they landed. I felt his hand force my mouth back onto his cock and as the taste and texture of his sperm began to coat my mouth and overwhelm my senses, I quickly came to love the it. I wanted more of his delicious jizz, I craved more. The thick, silk like texture, the warm full sensation as it filled my mouth. I continued to suck lovingly on the head of his cock as it began to go limp and become sensitive. ?Ok, ok? he said, surprised at my eagerness and desire for me. I moved my attention to his now empty balls and licked them softly. ?Jezzz, stop? he said as he laughed. ?You can always come back tomorrow!?
13 Temmuz 2021, at 10:44


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