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Stolen Moments No. 01

Post #1

I'm dying. Oh no, I can hear you saying as you reach for the off button, not another rebarbative list of ailments and vomit inducing descriptions of medical procedures. Don't worry, there will be none of that; in fact I've hardly had a day's illness in my life and only occasionally had to bother the doctor. But the inescapable fact is that I am dying. After ninety five years of uninterrupted service my old ticker is finally packing up, and there's nothing that can be done about it. I'm not in any pain, my appetite is healthy, and I still enjoy a glass of good wine with my evening meal and a nightcap of single malt, but I haven't really got much time left. So before I regretfully have to shuffle off this mortal coil I have been recalling my life of sexual pleasure; the hundreds of people that I've fucked, the orgies, the tens of thousands of orgasms, but most of all the amazing women and men who have taken me to the summits of delight.
My final lover Rosie is with me now and over the last few weeks I have recounted for her pleasure and arousal, the highlights of almost eighty years of carnal excess. It makes my balls tingle deliciously when I'm telling her my stories as she gently sucks my cock and caresses my penis? semi flaccid I'm afraid as it is a couple ataşehir escort bayan of years since I had a decent erection. Although you can't see her, I can assure you that she is the most delectable of women, especially without clothes to hide the magnificence of her breasts and her beautiful plump pussy. My darling young Rosie ? I say young although she is no spring chicken ? but against the perspective of thirty years or more between our ages she is just a nubile teenager to my mind. She visits me every evening for a few hours of the most wonderful sex, tucking me in as she leaves to return home while I drift off to sleep in the blissful state of post orgasmic languor.
Rosie came into my life just over five years ago when she was working as a volunteer visitor for Age Concern. Over a cup of coffee, then another and another, we talked about our lives and, well let us say the spark was there, and we quickly became friends. It wasn't long before we discovered our mutual interest in sex, and I think it was on her fourth visit that we went to bed for the first time for a most delicious and prolonged fuck. The circumstances of our meeting were felicitous for both of us. I was an elderly widower with a highly active libido ? hyperactive by the standards escort kadıköy of a moralistic and hypocritical society ? and she was trapped in a marriage with a man fifteen years her senior who had lost all interest in sex some years earlier, mainly because of ill-health. By her account he had been a vigorous and attentive lover, if not very imaginative, when he was young, but sadly no longer, leaving her horny and frustrated. During the first three years of our affair I could still regularly manage a decent erection and enjoyed the singular pleasure of plunging deep into her voluptuous yielding flesh almost every day.
I was surprised to discover that she had had a conservative sex life ? missionary position only and no oral sex other than giving her husband a blow job, and masturbation with a vibrator or dildo. It was my great pleasure therefore to coach her in a much wider variety of sexual practises, and in our early years she really enjoyed riding me reverse cowboy style whilst watching herself in the full length mirror on the wall at the foot of my bed. I also introduced her to the exquisite delights of cunnilingus, and now that I am no longer capable of penetrative intercourse our favourite activity is to pleasure each other orally sixty bostancı escort nine style. By the time I cum she has already had a succession of orgasms of increasing intensity ? the sound of her ecstasy is music to my ears, and the taste of her juices like nectar.
Rosie's sexual horizons have also expanded in other ways. Our evenings are not spent entirely in fucking but we love to read each other erotic stories from various internet sites, and although she had never looked at explicit erotic images before we met, we have great fun watching pornographic videos together. Initially Rosie only wanted to watch videos of couples, but she has learned to enjoy my taste for group sex and orgies and is very curious about the swinging lifestyle my wife and I enjoyed for most of our married life.
The other day Rosie told me that every night when she gets back home she types a record of that day's story of lascivious debauchery on her computer before retiring to bed with her favourite dildo for a couple of hours of solo pleasure. I don't have many months left to enjoy this late flowering of lust, and I hope that I go in the throes of one final orgasm, but before that delicious finale I hope that we can record as much of my sexual autobiography as fate allows. I have given her access to my photographic albums so that one day she can publish an illustrated volume of my lascivious life for the instruction and delectation of following generations of sexual libertines.
May the gods of carnal love be with you all. Sayonara.
18 Nisan 2021, at 01:28


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