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Spring Wheat

Post #1

Walking hand in hand through an open field of wheat with the sky surrounding us and ever so wide, as if to envelop us completely were it not for the firm earth at our feet. Dark clouds rolling in from the east giving the hint of a storm moving over us. We are lost completely. Nothing to be seen for miles around save a small farmstead that is but a dot to our eyes in the distance. Just the waving of the wheat, dense, and fertile, as if the ground were alive and we were walking in a shifting sea. The air so crisp and fresh arouses our senses to the feeling of perfection.
You stop and turn, facing me you pull my hand around your waist and drape your arms around my neck. Looking deep into my eyes as if to say...
"I want you now and here," your smile so suggesting.
My lips long for yours and the taste of your kiss, the taste of your soft flesh. I pull your body ever so close to mine in response to your silent request, because I want you as well, nothing in my heart yearns greater. Wanting so badly to push the deepest love of my soul for you I take your lips in mine, soft and sweet, slowly enjoying the intoxication of your kiss. The earth trembles beneath our feet as emotions come together and collide. A desire so fierce that even the angels hold their breath and take notice.
No one is about and it is just you and I, in this open field beneath a sky that is pulsing to release what your sex has already begun to release. As the storm moves kaçak bahis siteleri in and our kiss deepens, our tongues dancing to their own methodical rhythms, a power, an urge, moves us both. Desperation to be as close to one another as we can physically come together.
Rain begins to pelt our bodies as if the angels are kissing our flesh in celebration. The warm air contrasting with the refreshing cool rain invigorates our senses as we quickly begin to undress one another.
Fumbling and fanatically ripping away cloth, tossing it aside, for it serves no purpose here but to constraint us. The feel of my bare body against yours, my now hardened cock against your skin, stirs a fire within you that produces that ever sweet wetness of your sex. Your flesh so warm and soft, breast that press hard against my chest with your hair cascading over your body and loosely upon mine as well, seizes my desire to want oh so much more of you.
When our kiss so deep and passionate is no longer fulfilling enough, your body arcs closer to mine longing to be joined together. Pushing to hold out a moment more to build the heat within to a raging fire of lust, desire and extreme need. The fire is burning every so strongly that we do not even notice the cold chill of the air from the incoming front as the rain falls harder and the lightening strikes in the distance.
Souls of lovers from the past, drawn to this magnificent event whisper in our ears, "Take canlı bahis siteleri him! Make love to her! Feed each other's deepest needs!"
"Oh my god, if the heavens cease to exist and the earth consumes us, make love to me," you pull your kiss away and yell loudly above the storm. "I want you now! I want to feel you inside of me NOW!"
With that I take my hands grab the back of your thighs and pick you up. You wrap your legs around my waist, holding my neck and pulling my face against your chest. You press your head against mine and gasp as I slide my rock hard cock deep within you.
The storm pours forth more power in an attempt to match the emotions and needs being played out in our minds.
You rock your waist in perfect rhythm, riding my cock. My strength inspires you and pushes you to new physical limits, bearing down increasingly, searching for the release that your senses are beginning to well up within you. Your pussy feels like the finest silk, wet and burning hot with the fire of desire that we have created together. The wind quickening its pace races across our bodies, tickling every nerve as if to experience its own sensation of our skin. You moan deepens, your body begins to throb with every penetration you create.
My cock begins to swell within you, your movements, your body, and rage it into motion as I buck my hips to meet you much more deeply then before. It drives ever so hard to the point where it cannot yasalı bahis siteleri return, to spew forth the part of me that is saturated with my love and appreciation. Your body quivers as every muscle contracts preparing itself for the explosive sensation that is about to occur deep within you. Your rocking becomes more vigilant, more desperate, yearning for that release and the heat of the movements stir within my own body the need to explode in waves of ecstasy.
Lightening strikes nearby as you open your lips wide, look to the heavens and scream as the first wave slams your body like a tidal wave. Your soul cries out and your heart pounds as the release you so very much needed crawls across your flesh, sending the nerves into complete and utter climax of sensations. My cock, unable to contain, spills forth its seed to the far reaches of the wet canal it has filled so well. The pulsing is mind bending and the entire environment collapses out of perspective with the focus completely on your body as it spasms with each wave of your orgasm.
I growl loudly over the wind into your ear as your pussy pulses in rippling waves pulling my cock to its deepest point within you. Our souls united in voice and in song, praising one another with deep admiration and appreciation. The heavens continue to exist and shower us with kisses from above, the earth does not consume us yet provides us with a soft bed for our exhausted bodies to fall upon.
We lie together holding one another close while the rain falls on, saturating us completely. You look deep into my eyes and smile.
"I do love this man," you say quietly and kiss my lips gently.
"I do love this woman," I reply softly and return the kiss tenderly.
16 Nisan 2021, at 07:34


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