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Country Girl

Post #1

I was raised the youngest of eleven in a small, rural community in the middle of the US of A. As the smallest girl, my chores were to milk the cows, feed the chickens and set the table... all before school. My name is Roberta, though everyone calls me Bobbi. I believed I was brought-up in idyllic times.

As I was growing up, the world was changing and introducing new ideas to our little corner of the state. I have siblings who are twenty years my senior. They rode horses to school and on stormy winter nights, when the small black and white Philco was all static, they huddled around the radio and played cards or charades. We really didn't care about what we were missing. Now with cable TV, cell-phones and computers, the world has become a more intimate, well-connected global village.

Many of my brothers and sisters have moved away, some to other states, one out of the country. My next oldest, Sarah took-off a few years ago. She chased a dream and a man, not catching either one, and left a young son behind. Alex was my nephew and since he was only four years younger than I; we were playmates, schoolmates, and best friends.

He had a white-blonde crew-cut, said "shucks" and "dang" a lot, and was forever adopting stray dogs and cats. My hair grew darker in my teens and puberty turned this skinny tomboy into a rather shapely farmer's daughter.

Through high school and afterwards, I was a good student. I helped my nephew with his French and Algebra, and was a cheerleader and volleyball player, but I knew that after graduation I would stay at home to care after Mama and Papa in their senior years. It was just something the youngest should do. Eventually the house would be mine and I would market small crops and livestock, while centering my life around the church and PTA.

Alex was changing daily. Farm chores and exercise had filed-out his body to a solid two-hundred pounds. He was an All-State half-back and third baseman, and colleges were now flying him in for recruiting visits. He came back each time with wilder tales of hookers and lap-dances. There were envelopes stuffed with cash, new shoes, and promises of cars and grades.

He also changed physically. His muscular chest and arms sported tribal tattoos. His hair was now spiked and dyed. And his language got much cruder and sexually oriented. I was still his aunt closest confidante but we were preparing for a life-altering separation. Neither of us was a virgin; though I had had only two serious boyfriends and as much as he bragged, I think Alex wanted a stay-at-home girl with small town values.

Then things changed for us both. In the course of a year, both of my parents passed away. My last remaining siblings gathered for the funerals, settled the estate, and said their goodbyes. I was left in a big, empty farmhouse with only an electronic connection to my far-flung family, and not much reason to leave home. At twenty-six years of age, I was a virtual spinster without a career, living in an isolated home, three miles from even a hint of civilization.

For Alex, the year was even worse. An orphan who had now lost his grandparents; he would soon be leaving behind his home for a new city, a university and a new social structure. Though he put on a brave face and a happy-go-lucky demeanor; I could see that he was still a scared, little boy underneath. And then came The Play.

In the last game before the State Football Playoffs, he ruptured the discs in his back and developed a series of dangerous blood clots. Tuition offers disappeared and his lack-luster grades confined him to the local community college where he lasted two terms. Jobs as a mechanic and short-order cook followed, but by age 21 he was back on the farm living with me. A disheartening fall back to Earth.

A transition took hold. Still related, but now two adults with hormones and pent-up feelings bubbling to the surface. It started slow but it was all new and portentious to me. Summer days on the farm were hot and dusty with a lot of hard work thrown in. I usually wore cut-off jeans over bare legs and a cropped top or swim suit bra. My long, dark hair, which did not often get to a beauty parlor, laid in thick, sweaty sheets on my shoulders. I wiped my dusty face with the back of my hand and sat in unladylike repose to catch whatever breeze there was. We waited until nightfall to eat supper but at around five, I would clang the bell and serve biscuits and lemonade to Alex, while he took a small break from the heat.

He would trudge up to the enclosed porch and we sat on the swing. He wore denim pants and work boots, güvenilir bahis both filthy and sweat stained. His tanned chest and back glistened with perspiration and wisps of hay clung to his torso. His hair was again cut short and bleached white from the powerful sun. A bandana crowned his sun-burned face and rivulets of sweat ran down his frame and darkened the waist of his pants.

I sometimes could not avoid noticing the obvious bulge in his pants, outlined by the few dry spots of fabric especially when he stood over me. This image triggered a tortured response in my head. He was my nephew but he could be darned sexy. My own nipples invariably responded to the situation, not helped at all by the wet, clingy material of my top brushing against their straining tips. At these times, I needed to cover my ample bossum with my hands or excuse myself to run inside and change clothes. Alex had grown used to us living in close, semi-private quarters; but he still chuckled deeply and lewdly commented on my anatomy.

I was continually subjected to crude remarks about my "gigantic tits", or was offered suggestions for stripping, nude sunbathing, or just going around naked, since there was no one else to see. My face reddened at each instance and I readily blushed at every obscene reference. But after awhile, I shrugged it off and sometimes found myself flaunting my figure for him or teasing him with a sultry look or a tantalizing gesture.

It seemed like harmless banter and an exciting way to pass the days, but it didn't stop. It seemed to only add layers of sexual tension to the already charged atmosphere. Because summer nights on the farm could be just as long and lonely.

After dark, when the dishes were done and we had each taken a cooling shower, the strained pressure continued to lay heavily on us. Alex had recently started driving into town at night, going to strip clubs and drinking. When he returned home at night he wasn't drunk but he was certainly less inhibited and obviously horny. He liked to regale me with descriptions of the dancers or the lewd offers. Some nights he would watch xmovies and insist that I join him for a night-cap or to listen to his graphic accounts of their many contortions or techniques. I think he enjoyed the power to make me blush and squirm in my seat. I would occasionally take a second or even third drink and secretly pretend to place myself in the scene. A few times I had to feign a yawn or reach for a magazine, to hide my amazement and wonder at the proceedings. But truly, when I didn't think he was watching, I memorized the actors movements and devotion to detail.

The nasty images whirled in my mind. There were blowjobs, gangbangs and anal sex. Each one more perverted than the last, and to my upbringing, obscene beyond belief. Yet oddly mesmerizing and seductive. It appeared that people were having great sex, great fun and not hurting anybody. It started me wondering. There may be better sex out there.

I observed that women fingered their own vaginas when they rubbed a man's cock, or that a guy pointed or flattened his tongue when he licked a clit. I discerned true pleasure when a fellow came in a girls mouth and I saw many women shudder and moan when they were getting fucked from behind. Soon, I could not take a bath, fall asleep or spend any time alone without images of naked, elated people writhing about and screaming out all of their deviant desires.

As much as I tried to hide my interest in front of him, Alex always noticed and commented on my rapt attention. He'd remark that I was better-looking and sexier than most of the women and would probably be great in bed. Instead of storming away insulted, I continued to watch and even critique their efforts. It became more apparent that I enjoyed the videos and I also developed my favorite "stars" and sexual situations. Once, I let slip an eighty-proof confession that I prefer the more mature, submissive types that were blackmailed or forced into degrading circumstances. I must have mentioned it too many times because Alex seemed to find an opening in my conservative defences. He started spending more time with me, plying me with drinks and hinting that I should wear more revealing clothes or talk dirtier to him.

He would "joke" that since we were alone and isolated, we could try anything we liked with no shame, prying eyes or apologies. The more he cajoled, the more convincing it sounded, until somedays he had me doubting my life-long beliefs.

One evening while doing laundry and lost in my own impure thoughts, I didn't realize that Alex had sidled-up behind türkçe bahis me. The dryer was making a racket and vibrating soothingly against my hips when I saw his big arms around me. He leveraged me over the machine and grinded his pelvis into my rear-end. I was taken by surprise and easily forced flat on the lid of the bucking appliance. I was just able to turn my head and catch his leering expression when he slathered sloppy, wet kisses on my neck, shoulders and back.

I could sense that he was just out of the shower; he wore only his boxers and his warm chest and hair smelled of soap and shampoo. As he nibbled on my ears and pecked at my cheeks, I could also detect the aroma of whiskey. With his body-weight pressing me down, his hands were free to wriggle my pajama bottoms to my knees then down around my ankles. Through my vehement gestures, he grasped the elastic waistband of my undies and ripped them from my quivering ass.

I barely had time to protest when I felt his sturdy cock forcing itself between my legs and plunging, ever deeper into my tightly clenched pussy. With the bulbous head of his thick pole lodged securely in my twat, I felt him thrust inside me and his hands began to work their way under the thin, cotton fabric of my nightie. My sheer bra was no match for his exuberance and within seconds I was topless with his big paws groping my bouncing 34C's. He pinched my nipples and rolled them between his fingers while he mumbled into my ear that he was going to rape me and continue to fuck me all night. The brutality of his intentions and the incestuous perversity of it's meaning horrified me, and yet the forceful sensitivity carried with it a sensuous seduction. His cock was now firmly ensconced in my snatch and his hands had a death-grip on my tits. It all only seemed to take an instant, but here I was, my young nephew balls-deep in my cunt and my swaying boobs being massaged by his strong, deft hands. I should have been mortified and determined to fight to the death for my honor and dignity. But instead my body and brain saw things differently.

I was too startled to form any coherent questions and even to me, my moaning and twisting appeared more like excitement than complaint. Could I truly have wanted Alex to fight through the taboo? I puzzled through my mind whether I had led him on or teased him in some way, and incest aside, I had to admit that it wasn't all so terrible. Deep down, it felt good to have a strong, dominant man control me and express to me that he was going to have my body, no matter what I said. An eerie psychological compulsion took control of me. A willingness to submit and let myself be dominated. Was it possible I wanted to be used in that way?

He told me further that he intended to cum inside of me and then make me his mistress, I was to service him sexually from now on. I was too dazed to comprehend it all when I experienced the maniacal pounding of his thick tool into my tight twat. He finished with my vagina and was ready to move on. The sperm was soon pouring out of my cunt and dripping down my leg when he grabbed my shoulders and forced me to my knees. In the blink of an eye, his huge sticky rod, with throbbing blue veins extended, poked at my trembling lips. My disbelieving eyes saw only his mammoth, fleshy cock; it's enormous purplish head aimed at my mouth, and then his vise-like grip on the nape of my neck, forcing my head back and shoving that thick slab of meat down my throat.

My nephew just fucked me and now he intended to force me to suck his magnificent cock. I was shocked but I certainly wasn't fighting it off.

I gagged on it and attempted to breathe through my nose as it inched impossibly farther past my tongue. With one hand balled-up in my thick, dark hair, and the other squeezing and tugging on my tits; I slurped and slobbered on his rod. He called me a slut and a tramp and each filthy word inflamed me more. Then he said my mouth was as warm and tight as my cunt. Finally he took my face in both hands and banged his sweaty balls against my chin in a rapid-fire manner. And then I tasted it. Just a strange, syrupy drop or two at first. But then, a torrent of salty, creamy cum deluged my mouth and over-flowed my lips and gums.

The milky liquid oozed down my chin, dangled for a moment in long, thin vines, then stetched to the tops of my fleshy globes. I swallowed reluctantly, savoring for the first time, a man's seed. I licked my lips and sucked-in what I could, but the stringy mix of his sperm and my saliva dripped from my pink nipples and puddled into the obscenely dark, wiry hair of my pubic güvenilir bahis siteleri thatch. Under his control, and now amazingly under his command, he instructed me to work the thick cream over my heaving boobs and to plunge my gooey fingers between the raw folds of my vagina.

To my sheer amazement I found myself following his orders and eager to accede to his directions. The perverse thought that my twenty-something nephew was raping me and intended to enslave me for his prurient pleasure, was sending shock-waves of anticipation through me. I saw myself in one of those videos, a sexy vixen built to please, manhandled by a dominant partner and experiencing multiple orgasms because I finally got the sexual release I needed.

With my fingers plowing in the depths of my pussy, my hand propping-up my tits for Alex to ogle, and my insides quivering from another tremendous shudder, I saw the light. Alex needed to only offer me a hand and I traipsed happily behind him to the bedroom where I was about to fulfil my every hidden fantasy. My nephew was about to become my Master and there would be no restraints needed, only optional.

This was the moment for me to make a choice. Do I live my life? Do I enjoy my own body and offer it freely, regardless of social norm? I came to my decision easiy.

I bounced into the bedroom naked and shiny with sweat. My hair was a rat's nest of sweaty, black tangles, my mouth caked with dried cum and my tits and twat sticky with the tacky remnants of his seed painted on my body. With just a nod and a sharp slap on my pliant butt, I flopped on the bed on my elbows and knees, ass inviting his entry and my face pressed into the pillows. He commanded meto beg him to deflower my virgin ass. I needed only a second to think of the implications and offer my most private orifice for him to ravage. I knew that this could hurt and that it could be totally humiliating and never to be forgotten, but I had to find out if I was ready for this. This is how I wanted it to be.

I shyly reached behind me and with one hand, spread the taut flesh of my asshole. I could only imagine the puckered opening preparing for the final assault. I slobbered a load of saliva into my other hand and fumbled for his cock. Still slick with cum, I guided his missle towards my rear entrance and clenched my teeth and furrowed my brow. With one sheepish appeal "to be gentle with me", I ushered his slippery totem to the brink of my anus and prepared.

It didn't take long. We were both excited and nervous. Alex with his new conquest and me with my new identity. Surprisingly, maybe from a mixture of relief and relaxation, I felt the uncomfortable pressure of his advance, but not nearly the anticipated pain. We both felt the initial resistance of my body, then he reached-out and took a firm grip on my tits. He paused for a second and noticed my body relax and adjust to the new intrusion. Alex then resqueezed my jugs, inched ever-closer on his knees and pressed forward. The mushroom-shaped head now eased it's way up my dark passage.

With a shallow intake of breath and a shudder from my insides, I felt the great snake slither forward. Again he positioned himself closer to my back. I heard and felt his heavy balls slapping on my pussy lips. His grip strengthened on my tits and then I heard a low guttural moan from deep in his belly. He leaned heavily on my back and appeared to catch a second wind. Soon, comforted by the lack of pain, I was able to arch my back and drive my ass back towards him. He then gathered momentum and soon we were lunging and flexing like a well-oiled machine. I trembled to my first anal orgasm and Alex then bellowed a roar as his steaming load shot deep into my ass.

We could not hold the position long as all our nerves had fired at once. We were soon laying side by side, nervous laughter and silent questions followed. We held each other for a long time then we moved together into the shower. In there we were able to laugh out loud, hug and slowly explore each other's body while unwinding. After drying each other and standing in the afterglow of a great first encounter, we headed back to bed. There we began to explore our relationship as well as our various sensual parts.

We are not in love but we have a loving relation. I am able to be free and showAlex that I get great joy out of pleasing him in any way I can think of. He shows me that he can be the dominant partner that I crave, without totally dominating me. I'm happy to suck him and allow him full access to me, and Alex shows me all the wonderful things my body can do for us both, and all the pleasure I can get from that. We both know that this can never last but atleast for now we can have fun without regret. I'm looking ahead to a sweet, long summer of exploration.

The End

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27 Şubat 2021, at 20:30


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