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A Precipitation Day

Post #1

Hello, this is my first attempt a new variety of stories for you. I am sure it is become you a hard on and you will finish in your pant before the end of story.

I'm a mature young Indian man aged eighteen years. Now I am finished my school year and looking for higher studies. Mom, my 19 year old sister and I live together in a small town in the southern state of India, State name is Tamilnadu we have a Small house with two bedrooms, kitchen and a hall. A small hut. And we are very close. I'm able to discuss anything with my mom and sister and feel assured that they won't be judgmental or negative. Our father divorced my mom 10 years ago and he is now settled in Karnataka another southern state of India. He again married a woman and has three children but I never would like to see him or his family. We have some rice farm and some cattle, some poultry farm. It gives us for our daily breads income. My Mom is a hard worker and provides well for us. We all are affectionate and we hug and kiss each other frequently. I have many times had sexual thoughts about them, but I knew that was not normal and never discussed that with mom and sis.

I always wrote off those feeling as something that happened to me because I had matured into a man and had little contact with girls my age. I tried to always force those feeling down deep when they occurred.

One day it is a winter season and very cold in atmosphere we had a terrible rainfall. Me and mom alone in the home my sister is in Ban galore she is studying for Business management. Power lines were damaged and the water stranded us. Our heat was lost because of the power failure and it began getting real cold when the sunset. The fire in the Kitchen stove barely kept the temperature above freezing. We knew we were going to be flooded in for at least two or three days. We got to talking about our ancestors and how they slept together, sharing body warmth, to keep from freezing. When it got time to go to bed, mom suggested that we sleep together because she didn't know how cold it was going to be and, without heat, we should maybe act like our ancestors. I finished brushing my teeth and changing before mom did. I got under the covers and waited. When she came out of the bathroom, she had a long flannel nightdress on.

She rushed toward the bed saying that she hoped I had warmed it up for her. She got under the covers and cuddled up to me all shivery and cold. I rolled toward her and we hugged face to face. Soon our legs were entwined and I felt real warm lying next to her.

My penis was pressed against her lower stomach and every time she moved the slightest bit it grew. Before long I had a full-fledged hard on and became worried what she would say. But Mom didn't pull away at all. We just continued lying in each other's arms. I don't know how long it was before I began a slow grinding and moved down a little lower so that my boner was against her pubic mound. I thought she would be repulsed by these actions but, but mom just lifted her leg over my hip and pressed into me.

I was a virgin and didn't know what to do, but what I was doing felt really good. When I lowered my hand, I was surprised to feel her bare thigh. I caressed her leg for a while and eventually I was rubbing her bare behind. I fully expected her to stop me any second, but I had to keep exploring I had an overpowering urge to do so. It felt too good to stop. Then from somewhere I got the idea that it would feel good to have my penis between her legs so I pulled a little away and freed myself from my pajamas and positioned my boner between her legs. Her nightdress was up to her waist by now.

All this time she never said a word nor made a move to stop me, but she didn't really do anything to help me either. The top of my dick was güvenilir bahis now against her slit and as I slowly pumped my hips, I just hoped that mom wouldn't stop me now, I wasn't entirely sure what I'd do it she tried. After several minutes of caressing her ass and sliding my boner along her slippery slit, mom began to react. Her hips began slowly pumping against mine. As we continued, I began trying to find her opening. My lack of experience was apparent and, to my surprise, mom reached down and guided me with her hand. It felt incredible and I began coming within seconds. But I didn't get soft afterward.

Mom kept her slow hip motion for several minutes before she started breathing hard. When she began a soft moaning, I felt that I was going to come again. We were both hugging each other and thrusting now. We soon collapsed from exhaustion. I lay there still sexually connected and after a time we fell asleep that way. The power was on by the next morning. We got up and had a good breakfast. Mom acted as if nothing had happened. I sensed she didn't want to talk about it, so I tried to act as natural as I could. Over a month passed and mom still hadn't mentioned anything, but I thought about the sex we'd had constantly.

One evening, I was really horny and I was looking at mom's body and imagining what it looked like under her clothes. When we finished the dishes, I reached out and gave her a good hug. We were facing each other and my erection was rubbing against her pubic mound. Mom just hugged me back, making no effort to pull away from my slowly grinding penis. I said, "Mom, I want to cuddle with you like our ancestors tonight." She smiled as she responded, "That would be nice son, but ancient Tamil and our culture name) don't wear any clothes when they sleep together. Would that bother you to be nude in front of your mother?" "No, not at all," I replied. Seemingly by mutual consent, but without saying it, we began getting ready for bed even though it was still very early. Standing beside the bed, mom began undressing. Following her cue, I began removing my clothes.

Mom's breasts were much larger than I had imagined. Her nipples were large and protruded half an inch. Very nice belly and below her black bush covered fat pussy, where is I came 16years ago. I stared there. And she smiles me. As I removed my underpants, I noticed her eyes locked on my very stiff penis.( I have a 9 inches long and 2.7inches thick monster) My looking at her very full bush, caused my dick to pulse. Saying she was cold, mom slipped under the covers and I joined her. We hugged a minute and she rolled on her back. She said she wanted to feel my hands exploring her. So I began caressing her breasts and feeling her nipples, which were very, erect. Before long I moved down to her thighs and bush. She pushed her hips up as I explored her fat mound with my fingers. As I ran my finger along her slippery slit she said softly, "Kiss my nipples and suck them honey."

I was really enjoying the giving of pleasure. Mom told me she had really missed sex and loved having such a wonderful son to help her. Suddenly she yelled, "Oh my God, I'm coming! Don't stop, PLEASE! I love it!" OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! ah! oh!yes my son! Oh yes Angie! God Oh God son! It feels so good so right! Oh yes!! I am getting... getting closeeeeeeeeeeeeee.� Her hips were pumping rapidly for a good minute before she slowed down.

Mom then told me to get on top of her. She guided me into her and told me to let myself go. I was slowly, very slowly beginning to move my body around in small circles and she started to move up and down. She was forcing my cock in and out of her slick cum filled hole and smiled and the laughed a little when mom saw I close my eyes again in pleasure! As mom humped up and türkçe bahis down on me, I moaned Mom lay under him now and immediately wrapped her legs and arms around my hips and neck! As she lifted her hips Again, and ass up off the bed meeting my thrusts she cried out: "Fuck me, oh God fuck me honey! I need your cock so bad son!! I moaned and looked down into her eyes as I began to thrust my cock hard and fast into her pussy! I was going to shoot another huge load of my cum down into her body very soon! God my mom was beautiful! No man could look into her eyes and not want to cum as I felt her cunt tighten around my entire shaft! NO MAN!

Mom moaned out: ahhhh!me! Fuck me! Fuck me! OH CHRIST son! FUCK ME!!" Mom was screaming as her hole grew accustomed to the thick hard shaft pumping into her. Her juice was mixed with her first pussy juice and it was being forced out squirting over each of them, every time I slammed down into her pussy! my slapping balls. Ah! Yes! Yes! Yessss!!!ah!Mom moaned as she began to thrust her hips forward in her heat of lust. Her legs were wrapped tightly around my hips, and her feet dug into my hard young ass cheeks. The vibration of her climax started in the soles of her feet and the tips of her fingers and was moving quickly towards her very stretched, very wet and warm vagina. Bud felt the first flutters deep inside her body as the walls of her silky pussy began to close around my hard shaft! The tightness of her pussy was making me head spin and my cock quiver with my excitement. Suddenly mom ah!body began to shake and tremble.

Her mouth opened as if to scream but nothing came out. Her body froze and then began to shake uncontrollably! The waves of pleasure she was receiving from my cock fucking mom so hard and fast made her cry out as she began to orgasm! Feeling it coming on fast I wondered if I should pull out?" I felt like it was almost too late. I was sure I had put enough cum in her already from my precum leaking that she was not protected it was too late. I asked: ah! Should I pull out Momma! As she rode my cock faster and faster, up and down up and down she had her eyes closed! When she heard I ask she screamed at me: AYH! no... Oh God NO!!!!!!!! honey cum in meeeee!

She loudly in my ear: ah! cum for me honey!! ...Cum inside me! Fill me with your love honey! I could feel it too. Her hot nipples buried against my chest, her warm breath coming in gasps now against my neck as she tried to get enough air into her lungs! She could feel the head of my cock pushing on her cervix into the opening of her birth canal. Where I came channel .I could feel her pussy walls tighten even more now making it difficult for me to continue to move in and out of her body! Mom felt those contractions deep inside her body as her climaxed continued for longer than she could ever remember! The pressure on my shaft was so tight it became too much for me! I moaned one last time and began to cum! She had never felt so full.

Her coudn't imagines how the orgasms she was having continued and continued for such a long time. But, it seemed that when one climax ended, another started immediately. No that wasn't exactly right! It was like one long, very long orgasm! As she closed her eyes and cried out in the pleasure of her loving son's arms saying: ah! Yes honey, cum in me. Oh God, I'm Cumming too! Oh yes Cumming and cummmmmmmming!! GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!ah!Bud moaned as my cum filled balls tightened to the point that it almost hurt!. "Ohhhhhhh GOD!!YESSSSS!!!!!" I moaned as I spaded my seed out of my cock and it was pouring into my very sweet loving mommmaaas sucking pussy! "Yes, yes, yes, cum in meeeee!!!", she screamed! I answered momma's humping as my body pumped my cum deep into her pussy. It felt like my guts were being emptied into momma's güvenilir bahis siteleri body as it convulsed in pleasure.

The cum hurtled from my balls and up the long shaft like a rocket. Shot after shot after wonderful shot pumped into her! I strained and grunted as my semen shot from the hole in the cock head and covered my own momma's womb completely. Her pussy cannel filled with my her own son's white thick juice! There was so much it quickly began to overflow out her pussy and ran down the crack of her ass forming a small puddle on the bed under her.

Mom continued to moan and roll her head from side to side as I continued to ram my cock into her. She said, well it was more of a mumbling of words which sounded like: ah! cummmm....... Cum for me... cum inside me! Ohhhhh! Yes! Oh yes son I can feel it huny! Oh god you feel so good! It feels so warm inside me huny! ah!I gasped as I felt the last of my sperm empty into her. She was panting now like a dog in heat and I was now the one gasping for more air! She had been climaxing over and over again and with each one, she had, she would cry out: ah! Oh yes! OH god yes! I am Cumming honey I am cumming son! Ohhh! Yes!!!!!!ah! She could feel my cum fill her completely for the first time tonight. Suddenly she began to arch her back and lift them both up off the bed as her last climax started! Her body convulsed and shook and rocked on my cock with the same intensity and the same force as my climax into her! We merged our bodies together becoming one as us rocked and fucked joined together so tightly, no light could pass between them! Finally she fell back on to the bed, completely drained of any energy left in her body! we both fell asleep.

The next morning was a Saturday, so we slept in late. When we got up, mom walked toward the bathroom. I was enjoying the view of her nude body when she turned and asked me if I was going to take a shower. I followed her and we both pissed and then got in the shower. Helping each other soap up soon had me excited. Mom was very playful as she helped dry me off. She had me sit on the edge of the bed and told me she was going to give my prick the attention it deserved. I couldn't believe it when she got on her knees and began licking it as if it were an ice cream bar. Within a few minutes she took the head and half of its length in her mouth and slowly sucked.

Her tongue on the sensitive under side drove me crazy and I began moaning. That caused her to double her efforts. She swallowed every drop as I unloaded my lust into her mouth. Then Mom got on the bed and lay back with her legs open. I could see her moist cunt lips protruding. I looked up to see mom smiling. She said, I know some young men don't like kissing vaginas so you don"t has to. But, I would love to show you how to give me the same pleasure I just gave you. Without hesitation I kneeled between her legs and put my lips to her cunt. I loved the feminine odor. Mom told me where to lick, what to suck and how hard. She had me slow down several times before she told me she was coming. I had her clitoris and the skin around it between my lips and I was pumping it by sucking then pressing. That set her off.

Her excitement got me hard again and when she slowed down a little, I mounted her. It was wonderful. We both pumped slowly for at least fifteen minutes. The pleasure was superb. Mom moaned out that she was going to come again and wanted me to come with her. We fucked hard for a few seconds and came strongly together. After resting a short time, mom told me she had never come twice in such a short time nor had she ever had such strong orgasms. She told me that I was a wonderful lover. And I felt that I was after that, and many more times after that.

I was waiting for another else, with my sister but if it mom knows she will jealous with us so I never talk about my fantasies with my sister.


You like and finish your cum in your pants. Write to me with your experiences it gave me more encouragements to write more stories.
14 Ocak 2021, at 00:00


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